The Sybil’s Ring

A weekend of trekking accompanied by the history of the Sybils, errant knights, caretaker monks and necromancers. Retracing the way followed by Antoine de La Sale in 1420 when he wrote his diary of his voyage “Il Paradiso della Regina Sibilla” (“Queen Sybil’s Paradise ), we climb the side of Mount Sibilla observing with him the variety of flowers and listening to the words of the Sybils brought on the wind??? We enter the Gola dell’infernaccio, passing through the old beech trees and reaching the Saint Leonard’s hermit and the Hidden Waterfall.



The offer includes:

  • 2 nights’ accommodation, 2 breakfasts,2dinners, 2 packed lunches
  • 1 guided excursion to the peak of Mount Sibilla
  • 1 guided excursion to the Gola Dell’Infernaccio and Casacta del Rio
  • 1 themed evening on the legends, a visit to the Sybil Museum (Museo della Sibilla)